Richard H. Siegel, Ph.D. LMFT

Emotional Control Trainer



They are focused, task oriented with few distractions in mind.

They are confident and in control of their emotions.

So what can help people stay in control?

Emotions on a more reliable and consistent basis!

Simply put, “Cross Brain Communication” means how

well the left and right brains talk to each other.

In effect, how well-connected the two brains are.

The part of the brain that connects the two brains 

coordinates all the information that passes between

the two hemispheres, physical and mental.

While the two brains always work together, the left side is in charge while awake, and the right hemisphere is more active during sleep. However, increasing Cross Brain Communication activates both sides at the same time, improving concentration and performance.

Emotional Control Training boosts communication between the two brains by stimulating both sides at the same time. The improved flow of information between the two brains provides unsurpassed control, confidence and the self-possession it takes to be your best.